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Hello and welcome to my website.  Thanks so much for coming to visit!  My name is Christina and I am an Independent Celebrant.  This means that I am ace at creative writing, public speaking and getting to know people.  During our time working together I will meet you and get to know as much about you as you are happy to share.  I will create a bespoke ceremony for the delight of you and those closest to you.  I'll be on hand to add my creativity and positivity to make your day the best it can be.


I am a Family Celebrant which means that I specialise in weddings, baby-naming ceremonies, renewal of vows, coming of age and divorce healing ceremonies to name but a few!  I really believe in the healing power of coming together with your closest friends and family to celebrate the most important stages in life.  

It's really important to find the right person to host your special day and I would definitely recommend that you contact a few different people and see who you 'click' with.  If I had to describe myself in five words, I would say that I was:  bubbly, enthusiastic, positive, calm and smiley.

I am a multi-talented person and have had an extremely varied career so far.  I graduated with a BA (hons) in Ancient History and Latin from the University of Nottingham in 2007.  I moved straight to Rome and worked as a Tour Guide and an English Teacher whilst learning fluent Italian.  While I was living in Rome I performed as a solo classical 'cellist and played with an orchestra as well as singing and playing in regular gigs at a local Irish pub.  After two years I left Rome to become a full time Teacher of Latin and Classics at a school in Chelmsford, Essex.  After leading a school trip to Sorrento, I fell in love with Italy again and moved back for a new role as a Tour Director.  This time, I was guiding on a coach instead of by foot and I led long distance tours around Italy, France, Spain, the UK and Ireland.  In the winter 'off-season' I lived in Verbier, Switzerland and enjoyed snowboarding and teaching English and Italian at the local language school.  Several years ago, I decided that I would prefer to be based near London and I spent the British winter learning how to practice Reiki and volunteering as a Reiki Therapist at my local hospice.  I was inspired by Strictly Come Dancing and I went into London to learn a Brazilian dance called forró.  Now I dance at an advanced level and have participated in festivals in London, Lisbon, Stockholm, Rome, Calabria and Brazil.

I found out about being a Celebrant when I was leading a coach  tour in the Orkney Islands, Scotland.  I had taken my group to lunch in a hotel by a standing circle and it was the day before the Summer solstice.  The hotel owner told me that 200 guests were waking up at 3.30am to celebrate a wedding inside the stone circle at dawn.  I was agog and I questioned him about the details as I didn't realise that that was even possible.  I found out that the couple were using a decorated broom and having a hand-fasting as part of the ceremony.  Did you know that is where we get the expression 'tie the knot?'

Needless to say, I was hooked and determined to find out more details.  I found the 'Fellowship of Professional Celebrants' organisation and translated my passion into an in-depth training followed up by continued professional development and support.  My training opened my mind and gave me access to a huge number of resources available from all kinds of different sources.  A ceremony can have influences from all kinds of traditions from across the world including elements such as hand fasting (originally pagan), jumping the broom (originally African-American), symbolic ceremonies, literature and of course, music.  The training was very emotional as we all used personal experience to come up with vows and symbolic ceremonies as part of our coursework.  There is something incredibly powerful about saying honest and meaningful words out loud to an audience.  This was the feeling that got me hooked: the beautiful and healing power of speaking words that I had written to a group of people and seeing that it had moved them.  

So why should you choose me as your Celebrant?  Because I truly care and I will do my very best for you.

Please get in touch at: to book in our first consultation.  I'll meet you in person, have a cup of tea and a chat and leave you with a booking form.  If you decide to book me, you can contact me and leave a deposit.  If not I totally understand and I would advise you to meet a few celebrants and choose the one you like the most.

Thank so much! I wish you the very best :-)



What people say about me...


"I LOVE this! I just got Danny to read it and totally cried haha!!! Thank you, you're so talented" - Ally and Danny

"BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for the humour, the information and the songs.  We appreciate your hard work and care of of us" - Mac and Pat 

"Thank you for all of your hard work.  You truly have a gift and your passion shows in your work."- Susanne

"Your knowledge makes it appear that all is running smoothly, even when there are a few 'hiccups.  Your jovial and pleasant manner make us feel at ease." - Althea

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you.  You have a lovely manner with people, easily develop a rapport and are really organised." - Andrea and Lesly

"You are well organised, knowledgeable, patient and funny!" - Orest and Martha

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I'm proud to be a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.  The FPC aims to foster and support diversity with celebrancy and to guarantee you a celebrant who will work to create you a perfect and unique ceremony that you and your loved ones deserve.  See for more information.


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